2016 Fall Arts Crawl


With a large and loyal following, the Fall Arts Crawl brought many to South Pasadena’s business district last Saturday night.

south-pasadena-review-10-27-2016-fall-arts-crawl-013Again this year, the very popular “Neighborhood-Night-On-The-Town” event was a night for shops and boutiques to stay open late with special exhibits, trunk shows, open houses and sales.

south-pasadena-review-10-27-2016-fall-arts-crawl-012Many local restaurants and cafes had special offers and a number of  food trucks provided ample offerings, allowing guests to get a quick bite. There was interactive art activity, allowing the entire family can get creative.

south-pasadena-review-10-27-2016-fall-arts-crawl-010An abundance of art, easy listening  music and food from a variety of restaurants and food trucks made for a fun night for residents and guests coming into the city.

For more information, call the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce at (626) 441-2339.

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