710 Freeway Extension Funds Redirected to So Pas Freeway Ramps

The positive ripple effects for So Pas stemming from the defeat of the 710 Freeway extension keep on coming. Not only is the extension dead in the water after years of struggle, but now funds that were once set aside for that project could be redirected to fix the 110 on- and off-ramps at Fair Oaks Avenue, according to city officials.

If the Metro Board of Directors, at its next meeting, Dec. 6, approve the funding recommendation as expected, the money could be made available as soon as July of next year, according to city officials.

“The city is very pleased that critical local infrastructure projects aimed at reducing traffic congestion were recommended for funding by the Metro committee,” said So Pas spokesman, John Pope.

“If the recommendations are approved by the full Metro board on Dec. 6, the region would benefit from $515 million in Measure R funds to implement regional projects aimed at improving traffic flow. Of those funds, $38 million would be directed to improve the on- and off-ramp from the SR-110 at Fair Oaks Avenue and $10 million would go to improvements along key traffic corridors in the City of South Pasadena.”

Pope explained the expenditure this way.

The SR-710 Early Action Projects (EAPs) were originally developed to mitigate traffic congestion on local streets, Pope said, and the money now will be used for the on-and off-ramps at the 110 Freeway and improvements along significant traffic corridors within city limits.

“Of the $780 million of Measure R funding that was allocated to the SR-710, $730 million is available – $50 million was spent on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR),” Pope said in an email to The Review. “About $515 million was recommended for funding allocation recently and there is an additional $280 million available for the next phase. Metro staff has indicated they will reach out to the local jurisdictions for a revised or amended list over the next few months. Funding can be made available as soon as July 2019, as long as there are no legal challenges on the EIR.”

The Metro Ad Hoc Congestion, Highway, and Roads Committee has recommended that the city be awarded funding for two SR-710 Early Action Projects: Regional Traffic Improvements and the SR-110 Hookramp Project, according to Pope.
The Metro Board will provide final approval during the Dec. 6 board meeting.


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