A Bright Future in Store for Tpumps Lovers in South Pas

Possibly Opening in City Next Year


Tpumps, a business that specializes in preparing Taiwanese iced drinks with tapioca pearls, has been attracting customers for a while now.

It all started with Alex Su, its founder, who opened up his own boba tea shop in San Mateo, hoping to spread his passion for sharing fine tea. A few years later, Tpumps expanded to Burlingame, Cupertino, Pasadena, Foster City, and San Francisco. Just last year, Tpumps announced its new location in Upland, and by 2018, Su is looking to open a store in South Pasadena.

“The population in South Pasadena is very dense, and that is one of the key factors for a retail store to survive in a big metropolitan city,” said Su. “The high population density will help bring in more walk-in customers.”

It is no surprise that many South Pasadena residents choose Tpumps over its competitors, and Su explained that the store in Pasadena, as well as the business’ sole purpose being to prepare tea, have significantly contributed to their popularity.

“The current customer base on Lake Avenue has been a big help for us to expand to South Pasadena,” he explained. “We really appreciate how much our South Pasadena customers enjoy Tpumps, and that is the key reason why we work very hard to ensure our tea quality. We don’t serve coffee or snacks. We only focus on doing one thing right, which is brewing good tea from premium quality loose tea leaves.”

When Tpumps opened its store in Upland in November 2016, it decided to change a few features to make itself more appealing to its customers, which is what Su hopes to do with plans of opening one in South Pasadena.

“The [Upland] store offers a lot more sofas and tables, tea leaves, and equipment…We are also looking at more accommodation on our parking, since the current Lake Avenue store location is struggling with parking. It is our goal to offer our fans a good place to meet, hang out, and take time to enjoy their Tpumps, so we will follow the same design from our Upland store,” said Su.

His goal to open a Tpumps in South Pasadena will take time, but all tea lovers can agree that it’ll be worth it. Although he is passionate about tea, Su is also passionate about the satisfaction his customers receive from his business, which is why Tpumps hopes to bring joy and happiness to the South Pasadena community.


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