Arrest Bulletin Aug. 29, 2016


 Residential Burglary – DR 16-1716



South Pasadena Review 08-29-2016 Arrest Bulletin Aug 29 2016 002

NAME: Christopher Avery Polk

AGE:  29 years



NAMSouth Pasadena Review 08-29-2016 Arrest Bulletin Aug 29 2016 003E: Elroy Anthony Stanford

AGE:  24 years



SUSPECT VEHICLE: ’13, Red, Chevy Impala.

LOSS: Guitars, laptop computer and tablets (recovered).

On 8-22-16, at about 10:45 AM, witness sees the above suspects knock on a neighbor’s door in the 1000 block of Indiana Avenue, South Pasadena, CA.  Witness approached suspects and asked what they needed.  The suspects claim to be offering gardening services and walked away.  A few minutes later, the witness saw the suspects around the block holding guitars.  The witness believed the items may have been stolen and called the police as the witness saw the suspects placing the guitars in the trunk of the suspect’s vehicle.  The suspects entered the vehicle and drove away.

Officers located the suspect vehicle and stopped it where they recovered the loss.  Both suspects were found to be on parole.

Suspects gained entry into victim’s residence by prying a side window.

Any information, please contact Detectives 
at 626-403-7280

PC 484(e)/PC 530.5/PC 148(a)(1) – DR 16-1727

South Pasadena Review 08-29-2016 Arrest Bulletin Aug 29 2016 004

NAME: Yong Xue

AGE:  31 years

RESIDING CITY: Monterey Park, CA  91754


NAME: XSouth Pasadena Review 08-29-2016 Arrest Bulletin Aug 29 2016 005iao Qiang Cao

AGE:  36 years

RESIDING CITY: Monterey Park, CA  91754


On 8-23-16, at about 1 PM, SPPD Detective was at Rite Aid (900 block of Fair Oaks, South Pasadena, CA) conducting a follow up on a theft of access card investigation that occurred on 8-17-16.  The suspect had used the victim’s bank card information and made an unauthorized charge at Rite Aid. While walking through the store to the manager’s office, the detective had past Xue and Cao who were customers in the store.   

While reviewing the store’s surveillance video from 8-17-16, the detective realized that the suspects were Xue and Cao.  The detective immediately went to the cashier and followed Xue and Cao out the store.  Both suspects ran and with the assistance of additional officers, Xue and Cao were arrested.  Xue and Cao had in their possessions gift cards they had just purchased with fraudulent credit cards.

Xue and Cao are believed to have been committing identity theft to make counterfeit credit cards.

Any information, please contact Detectives
at 626-403-7280

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