Arroyo Drive Featured in New Television Show, ‘Counterpart’


“Counterpart,” a sci-fi thriller TV show that will be released this July, stars actor J.K. Simmons, Academy Award winner for “Whiplash.” It will take place in Berlin, but what many viewers won’t realize is that some scenes were taken in South Pasadena, specifically on Arroyo Drive.

The TV show crew started filming on Arroyo Drive on March 8 and stayed for a total of nine days before heading back to Berlin.

Nicholas Biron, a location manager known for his assistance on “90210” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” suggested that the interior of a house on Arroyo Drive be used in some of the scenes of “Counterpart.”

“The houses in South Pasadena are old, but because they are so timeless, we can work with them and pretend like we’re in Berlin,” Biron said.

Although the timelessness of South Pasadena was part of the reason why Biron convinced the directors and producers to film here, he also explained that his past experiences with the city and its people played a major role when deciding where “Counterpart” would be filmed.

“There are so many reasons why filming in South Pasadena is always a joy, but the privilege of working with consummate professionals like Joan Aguado, the SPPD, and the SPFD cannot be matched by any other city in the greater Los Angeles area. Whenever we decide to film in South Pasadena, we know that we will be in good hands,” Biron said.

Biron is hopeful that he will get another opportunity to film in South Pasadena, but for now, he leaves the city with nothing but positive thoughts and memories.


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