AV Students Give to Disaster Relief

Thanked for Donations of Nearly $7,000


Steve Campbell, Habitat for Humanity headquarters representative from Georgia, visited Arroyo Vista Elementary School last Friday to present Principal Cheryl Busick with a plaque of gratitude at a special school assembly.

For much of the past two years, Arroyo Vista’s PTA Community Outreach volunteers organized two fundraising drives to raise funds for Habitat to benefit families in Nepal and later Ecuador, as a result of the catastrophic earthquakes that hit those countries.
Arroyo Vista children generously donated from their piggy banks, did chores to earn extra money or gave up ice cream trip visits in order to help kids just like them around the world. Each classroom had its own jar for donation collection for the Nepal effort. In fact, one kindergarten class donated a jar full of just coins totaling $137.29. Another second grade class contributed $601 in coins, cash and checks combined. The Arroyo Vista (AV) community contributed $6,882.48 in total to families in dire need of support in Nepal and Ecuador.

Campbell talked about how these contributions were used – to provide water, sleeping bags and materials for temporary shelter and longer-term housing. He also told the AV children, “This Thanksgiving there will be children around the world who will be giving thanks for you. You reached out to help people you didn’t even know and you will forever be in their hearts.” Campbell continued, “Even if you don’t put on a costume this Halloween, each of you are Super Heroes!”

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