Cacciotti Selected as City’s New Mayor

Succeeds Diana Mahmud


Michael Cacciotti expects to attend additional meetings and take on about 30 percent more work as he assumes the post of mayor, a position he was awarded during last week’s City Council reorganizational meeting. Dr. Richard Schneider was selected the new mayor pro tem.

After Diana Mahmud presented an abbreviated State of the City address, Cacciotti was nominated, seconded and voted in to oversee the city in a mayoral role for the fourth time since taking office on the City Council in 2001.

“There are additional responsibilities with the office of mayor,” said Cacciotti, looking forward to his term. “There’s always an increase in activities when you are mayor, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

Fifteen years after starting his political career in South Pasadena, Cacciotti says he’s grateful to still have the opportunity to be a major part of the city’s past and future. “Looking back, there has been an incredible evolution in our city,” he said. “We’ve methodically over the years improved our infrastructure, the Chamber of Commerce, Mission West with all the stores and restaurants around the Gold Line (light rail), which wasn’t here when I first got on the council. The area was dead. Now it is revitalized, vibrant with a lot of activity. Today there are thousands of people going in and out of the train station everyday. It’s alive and doing great.”

Cacciotti points to the people, including many volunteers, who fought, worked hard and persevered over the years to make South Pasadena a special place. “We’ve got a great school district, proud homeowners, dedicated businesses that make it a great community,” he said, looking forward to continuing to push for a new community center, a banquet facility at the Arroyo Seco Golf Course, new recreational opportunities, a city fleet of electric vehicles and building pocket parks in neighborhoods with the city’s limited open space.

“We live in one of the most desirable communities in all of California,” he said. “We want to continue to make it better.”

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