CIF – A Message from the Commissioner


PHOTO: C.I.F. Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! As I do each year with my first Message
from the Commissioner, I would like to give you a preview of what is to come…

Competitive Equity Playoff Groupings – This year will certainly be known as the
fi rst year that we implemented Competitive Equity Playoff Groupings in our section.
Our playoff divisions for Fall sports were released in June and the playoff divisions
for Winter and Spring sports are coming soon. I truly appreciate all of the hard work
that has gone into making this concept a reality and I hope you join me in looking
forward to seeing it all play out in the time ahead.

Increased Travel Reimbursements for Member Schools – In 2016-17, we will
be increasing the mileage reimbursements and meal allowances for our member
schools in our revenue sports of Football, Boys/Girls Basketball and Boys/Girls Volleyball.
Be looking for more informaion on on those increases in our Playoff Bulletins for each respective sport.

Website/ CIFSSHome/ Technology Advances – This is the second year for our website that we launched in
July, 2015. We were very pleased with how well it functioned in Year 1 and know that we will continue to work
on improving the capabilities and functionality of our website this upcoming school year and beyond. New features
to look for in 2016-17 are the development of an enhanced mobile version of our website that includes
links to our social media platforms, as well as developing an app to be utilized within the CIFSSHome system.

Professional Development for Athletic Directors/Athletic Administrators – In 2016-17, we are looking to
build upon the successes we enjoyed last year with the introduction of our MVP AD Program. Through our Fall
Eligibility Workshops, the Athletic Administrator Summit, MVP AD Exam, etc., we hope to assist our Athletic
Directors/ Athletic Administrators in being more eff effictive educational leaders. Check our website for more
information on on the MVP AD program.

Also, the CIF Southern Section on Athletic Administrator Summit will take place on Monday, October 17 at the
Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Conference Center in Pomona. New for this year will be a series of presentations
especially geared toward our high school principals in an eff ort to engage them in professional development as
well. Sign-ups are now available on our website.

Area Placement – As we enter Year 3 of our current Releaguing Cycle, we will begin the Area Placement
process in preparation for the 2018-2022 Releaguing Cycle. In September, 2016, member schools will be surveyed
regarding their requests for Area Placement for 2018-2022. More details on the processes and timelines
for Area Placement will be distributed at that time.

Season of Sport Calendar Changes for 2018-19 – The CIF State Offi ce recently announced changes to their
State Championships calendars in certain sports, effictive with the 2018-19 school year. Along with the sports
already announced, be looking for a proposal to examine the sports calendars of other sports and be prepared
for a discussion this year on changing the SOP dates to correspond to the sports calendar changes for 2018-19.

These are just a few of the many new and exciting things happening this upcoming school year. I hope you
are as energized as we are to get it all started. I thank you very much for your continued help and support and
wish you good luck always.

All the best,

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