City Council Approves Budget to Improve Sidewalks, Help Seniors


South Pasadena City Council members approved an expenditure plan which calls for sidewalk improvements and subsidies for the senior meal program for the 2016-17 fiscal year.
The Los Angeles Community Development Commission has released preliminary funding levels for 2016-17 and the City of South Pasadena Community Development Block Grant allocation is estimated to be $119,052.
In 1974, Congress initiated the CDBG program in the Housing and Community Development Act. The program is federally funded and administered by HUD. The City of South Pasadena, a non-entitlement community, receives an annual allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds from the Los Angeles Community Development Commission. The funds are restricted to benefit persons of low and moderate income and other limited programs in compliance with other federal regulations.
Historically, the City of South Pasadena has used CDBG funds to construct Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessibility sidewalk improvements, rehabilitate owner-occupied residences of income-eligible, and especially support the local meals program for seniors.
“It makes it more affordable for them to eat a hot lunch delivered to their home by volunteers or at the senior center” explained Gonzalez.
A city report contributed to this story.

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