City Council Asked to Adopt Neighborhood Parks Measure


South Pasadena City Council members will consider passing a resolution this week in support of the Safe, Clean, Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Measure.

In 1992, Los Angeles County voters approved Proposition A, which authorized an annual assessment of approximately 2.5 million parcels of real property countywide. Proposition A provided $540 million for the acquisition, development and rehabilitation of parks. It also provided funding for park safety, senior recreation facilities, gang prevention, beaches, community or cultural facilities, trails, wildlife habitat, natural lands, maintenance and servicing programs. The funding measure expired in 2015.

In 1996, County voters approved a second Proposition A measure to fund an additional $319 million for park and recreation projects and for the maintenance and servicing of those projects. The funding measure has a limited lifespan and will expire in 2019.

The funding measure had a limited lifespan and expired in 2015.

The City of South Pasadena has benefited from both Proposition A measures Funding for the city from 1992 and 1996 Proposition A measures has totaled approximately $765,000.

City staff is encouraging the council to adopt the resolution in support of the Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Measure.

“As a city, we benefit from the passing of this bond by receiving approximately $100,000 for park projects and will have access to competitive grants for other projects,” explained South Pasadena City Manager Sergio Gonzalez.

The council will be considering passing a resolution in support of the measure that will be coming the voters on November 8.

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