City Council Set to Examine Elections on Statewide Cycle


South Pasadena City Council members will consider the timing of transitioning general municipal elections to a statewide election cycle.

Currently, the City of South Pasadena conducts its elections on odd number years and is not in sync with statewide elections. “The state Legislature wants to increase voter participation so they are requiring all local elections with lower voter turnout to be consolidated with a statewide elections,” explained South Pasadena City Manager Sergio Gonzalez. “The City Council will consider when to start the consolidation, to be in sync with the statewide election and what those impacts will be for those currently serving on the council and those considering running for a council seat in the future.”

Gonzalez said the Public Policy Institute of California surveyed 350 California cities and discovered that moving municipal elections to coincide with statewide elections could result in an increase of 20 to 36 percent increase.

The city manager said the South Pasadena general elections are now held in November of odd-numbered years to elect members of the City Council, one city treasurer, and one city clerk. Gonzalez said the City Council may decide to increase or decrease terms of office by not more than 12 months to comply with the new requirement.

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