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The City of South Pasadena has filed a motion to appeal the new and amended judgement entered against it by Judge Mel Red Recana on March 23, in Green v. City of South Pasadena, in which former South Pasadena Police Officer Timothy Green sued the City for disability discrimination surrounding his termination in February, 2013. The facts surrounding the case were first reported by The Review in the October 13, 2017 issue.

After the original verdict, delivered by a jury on October 5, 2017, awarded $4 million in emotional damages to the plaintiff, in addition to $770,000 for past and future economic loss, the City filed for a judgement notwithstanding the verdict. As a result of the motion, Judge Recana reduced the amount awarded for emotional damages by $3.1 million, but upheld the jury’s verdict in all other respects.

Green’s attorney, Vincent Miller, disagreed with the judge’s decision.

“You have a cop whose self-image was destroyed, whose dream job was stripped from him, who was escorted out the back of the building like a criminal, who had his prospects of finding another policing job ruined because he was fired for dishonesty,” Miller said recently. “We believe the emotional damages were justified.”

Miller plans to cross-appeal to recover the reduction in the original amount awarded for emotional damages.

Today, the judgement stands at $2.917 million, including lawyer fees.

According to the City, the amount in its entirety is covered by the City’s former General Liability insurance with the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA). The City was a member of the insurance risk pool for over 20 years until 2014.

“The City is appealing the errors of law which occurred at trial and seeks to overturn the incorrect jury verdict and award of attorneys’ fees,” City officials said this week.

Harry Yadav

Harry Yadav has served as the Editor of the South Pasadena Review since January of 2018. Born and raised in South Pasadena, Harry graduated from South Pasadena High School in 2012, where he played golf and basketball and wrote for the Tiger newspaper. In 2016, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

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