Color Day on Friday


It’s a day when students come dressed in their school colors – orange and black – to continue a tradition of fun, to show solidarity and to acknowledge the long Tiger heritage.
Color Day, now in its 78th year, was scheduled on Friday, always slated the day the Tigers play their first Rio Hondo League home football game of the season. In a raucous mood, students and faculty members lift school spirit to new heights by wearing a wide variety of costumes – orange and black, of course.

Over the years the assortment has included everything from aliens and mimes to a Picasso painting. A morning assembly is the day’s highlight as students fill the school’s gymnasium for dance routines, skits, pep squad performances, homecoming queen candidate introductions and, generally, 90 minutes of laughter. The long school day concluded Friday night with South Pasadena High and Temple City going at it on the gridiron.


  1. Especially enjoyed the SPHS Spirit day pics….have several parents over the years share this day. The students really enjoy this. I’d never heard of this where I grew up, and it’s so wholesome to see, and glad that the newspaper lets us share such good news of our Youth…right? Thank you.

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