Condo Association Residents Attend Neighborhood Watch


Heirloom Bakery, next door to the city’s Gold Line station, hosted a Meridian Condo Association Neighborhood Watch program last week presented by the South Pasadena Police Department.

Among the agenda items, residents were on the receiving end of tips to protect their properties against burglaries while they also received an update on local crime from SPPD Detective Richard Lee.

Looking out for each other, the association has formed a Neighborhood Watch program, and the March 22 meeting was designed to discuss its progress and concerns.

Greg Hall, a new City of South Pasadena Public Safety Commissioner, has agreed to work with Lee to expand the Neighborhood Watch program.

Hall is a retired police captain from the Los Angeles Police Department, “so he comes to the commission with a great deal of insight and experience,” said fellow commissioner Ellen Daigle, giving Hall two thumbs up.

Neighbors and Lee discussed the importance of beefing up security measures at the Meridian Avenue complex, to include additional outside illuminated lighting, installing security cameras and securing more entry gates.

“There a real importance of Neighborhood Watch, especially in a condo situation where a robber could go undetected, unless neighbors are watching out for neighbors,” said Daigle. “One of many important points was that when reporting a possible emergency or crime at this condo association, specific addresses (for others to find you) are a must.”

It was suggested that a map of the unit be given to the South Pasadena police and fire department and that addresses be visually evident at the complex.

Neighborhood Watch Stickers for windows were handed out and Lee said the complex will soon be getting Neighborhood Watch Signs as a deterrent to thieves.

For more information about Neighborhood Watch programs, call Lee at (626) 403-7285.

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