Congratulations to South Pas High Summer Grads!


South Pasadena High School Principal Janet Anderson and other school officials congratulated a dozen students who took part in the traditional 2016 summer graduation ceremony on campus last Thursday, July 21, in the Little Theater.
“These students have learned the lesson of tenacity,” Anderson told the gathering of graduates, joined by family and friends at the ceremony. She used the analogy of fruit, saying, “Some ripen at a different time. Sometimes they’re even a little sweeter when they ripen a little bit later because we savor more of that object, and in this case – graduation. You guys have hung in there, stayed the course, and even if your timing wasn’t exactly what you thought it would be, it’s so meaningful, because you have continued to persevere, and you made it happen. We are so very proud of you!”
Following the ceremony, the students and their guests enjoyed cake and beverage in the faculty lounge.

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