Continuing Academic Excellence in South Pasadena


South Pasadena Unified School District has a proven track record of academic excellence. Many families choose to live here because of the outstanding educators and educational programs offered at Arroyo Vista, Marengo and Monterey Hills Elementary Schools, South Pasadena Middle School and South Pasadena High School.

To protect our high-quality, public education and create schools that meet future instructional needs of ourstudents, the South Pasadena School District Board has placed a bond measure on the November 8, 2016 ballot. The measure would raise up to $98 million in bonds to fund necessary improvements for the schools and cost property owners approximately $60 per $100,000 of their property’s assessed value, annually.

Strengthening South Pasadena Schools and Improving Educational Opportunities

Most of South Pasadena’s school facilities were built more than 50 years ago and are in need of critical safety updates and renovations that support 21st-century learning. A comprehensive facilities assessment revealed the need for basic repairs to remove asbestos, repair leaky roofs, make seismic repairs and improve security to provide a safe and modern learning environment for all students. Additionally, by upgrading classrooms and labs, schools will support continued student achievement in math and science and technology.

Voter surveys and in-person meetings with community groups shed light on project priorities including stateof-the-art instructional spaces for visual and performing arts, science, technology, engineering and robotics as well as requests for upgraded locker rooms, fields, courts and playgrounds.
In California, general obligation school facility bond measures are the primary source of funding for major capital maintenance and improvement projects.

Ensuring Fiscal Accountability

All funding from this bond measure will stay local and will only be spent on South Pasadena schools. Additionally, the following accountability measures will be
✔ A Citizen Oversight Committee and annual independent
audits would ensure funds are used for voter-approved
purposes only
✔ No funds would be used for administrators’ salaries,
pensions or benefits
✔ A facilities bond makes our schools eligible for future
state matching funds, which otherwise would go to other
school districts

South Pasadena Unified School District 2016 Local School Bond Projects

Arroyo Vista, Marengo, Monterey Hills – Top Priorities
Remove thirteen (13) portable classrooms and construct new permanent classrooms
Construct new classroom designed for Visual and Performing Arts instruction

South Pasadena Middle School – Top Priorities
Restore, modernize, and preserve Historic Performing Arts Theater/Auditorium
Construct new Visual and Performing Arts instructional spaces
Construct new dedicated lab for science, technology, engineering, math, design and robotics
Install athletic sports turf on field

South Pasadena High School – Top Priorities
Remove six (6) portable classrooms and construct new permanent classrooms
Construct a new training room/lab for sports medicine and physical therapy
Construct new flexible instructional spaces for science, technology, engineering and other 21st century instruction
Restore and modernize performing arts theater

Districtwide – Top Priorities
Upgrade/replace school safety systems, fire alarms, sprinklers and smoke detectors
Replace/repair roofs
Replace outdated heating and cooling system with more efficient systems
Make safety and seismic improvements where necessary
Replace/upgrade outdated electrical infrastructure
Complete outdoor safety improvements including but not limited to security cameras

Districtwide Safety and Security Projects
Upgrade phones, lighting, and emergency communication tools
Upgrade bathrooms and other facilities for safety and accessibility
Upgrade access systems including doors, locks, windows, electronic security systems, etc.

Possible Districtwide Repairs and Upgrades
Install solar panels to reduce school utility costs and improve environmental sustainability
Install drought tolerant landscaping with efficient irrigation to save water and reduce utility costs
Repair playground asphalt surfaces
Install new fencing
IT network infrastructure — wireless, servers, data archiving, backup and security
Replace SPMS student lockers

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