Dear South Pasadena Voters


Dear South Pasadena Voters,
My husband and I have lived in South Pasadena since 1998.  We stumbled into  South Pasadena by mistake and instantly fell in love with its tree-lined streets, arts and music festivals and walkable neighborhoods.  We started our family here and we have been blessed with many long lasting friendships.  All three of our children attend the public schools in South Pasadena

I am an active parent volunteer in the community, serving on multiple boards and working with parents at Arroyo Vista, SPMS and SPHS.  I am not only in support of the upcoming Bond Measure SP – I am a co-chair with an equally active parent, Yuki Cutcheon.

If you have heard me speak about Measure SP, you have probably heard me explain that it was a big decision to step up and help the campaign to pass Measure SP.  Like many volunteers, when choosing where to put our time, energy and dollars, it’s important that we are making a difference and that it’s relevant.

I don’t believe you can get more relevant than Measure SP. This is about infrastructure, preservation and updating our classroom to 21st century standards. We have electrical and HVAC systems that are outdated.  There are leaky roofs that need to be replaced. Our SPMS auditorium is dangerously close to becoming another Rialto Theatre. We need to provide dedicated, state of the art facilities for all students, whether for the arts, science, technology and engineering.

When people tell me they are concerned about how the money will be spent, they are happy to hear there will be an oversight committee and that monies raised by SP can not be spent on teacher or administrators salaries. Please go to if you want further information or have concerns.

As a long time homeowner, I urge you all to consider what the consequences of not taking care of these buildings would have on our community. The schools in South Pasadena do more than protect our high property values.  They attract new families from all over, creating the vibrant and youthful community we all love and enjoy the benefits of every day.

The district has gone to great lengths to create a list of priorities where students can see the benefits of the bond measure possibly as early as next spring.  Our kids deserve a safe, clean learning environment and we as parents and homeowners deserve to know our public schools are not being forgotten. Our visual and performing art spaces could be used by the entire community and generate revenue for the district.  Our kids won’t have to take the ACTs without a working air conditioning system.  We won’t need to flirt with the idea of sending our kids to a private school in order to give them a dedicated arts space or state of the art technology.

As a parent, a volunteer, a property owner and active community member I strongly encourage you to start at the bottom of the ballot and vote YES on SP.

We need it and we deserve it.

Jean Gunn Zenas

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