Departing Float Construction Team Member Colburn Honored

South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee (SPTOR) member Chris Colburn (third from left) is honored on Tuesday, July 2, by the committee’s construction team for his long service. The ceremony took place at the SPTOR meeting in Council Chambers. Colburn, 45, said he has been volunteering on the committee for a total of almost 30 years. He served twice as construction chair and once as assistant construction chair. “It’s been a labor of love,’’ he said. “Not too many people can say they get to advertise their home town to the whole world.” He and his wife Megan, who is also on the SPTOR, and his father are relocating to Idaho in August. From left to right are James Jontz, Brant Dunlap, Colburn, Joss Rogers, Paul Abbey and Rob Benjamin. Photo by Sally Kilby


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