Downed Wires Near South Pasadena Post Office

Widespread Power Outage as a Result of Downed Wires Near South Pasadena Post Office


A power line snapped, fell into the bed of a utility truck on Thursday afternoon, causing a fire when it hit some brush inside, according to  Joseph Galvan, a captain with the Alhambra Fire Department. South-Pasadena-Review-08-11-2016-Power-Outage-Fire-Lines-Down-2016-01

The incident occurred at about 1:30 p.m. in an alley on the side of the South Pasadena Post Office, in the 1000 block of Fremont Avenue.

Mark Dondanville, a battalion chief with the San Marino Fire Department, said a nearby office and apartment complex was evacuated until Southern

South-Pasadena-Review-08-11-2016-Power-Outage-Fire-Lines-Down-2016-02California Edison crews were called in to restore power, which was out in the adjacent area to residences and businesses as a result of the downed wire. “That occurred because it’s a high voltage line,” Dondanville explained. “There is going to be a power outage in the area until they can get out here.”

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