Facelift Complete on South Pas Ironworks Museum Renovation

At Gold Line Station


A beloved and cherished symbol of the unique history of South Pasadena, The Meridian Iron Works Museum on Meridian Avenue is one of the most humble landmark of the city.

Built in 1887 and standing tall ever since, the redwood building has been used as a hotel, ticket office, chapel, and school, among many others, and has served its city in a wide variety of ways.

The building’s evident historical value and charm cause citizens to admire and visit it without hesitation, each time learning more about the city’s past. Open during the weekly Farmer’s Market every Thursday, it is not uncommon for visitors to walk through the building and view the numerous displays. The love and appreciation for the museum by the members of the public have been some of the most driving factors in its most refurbishment.

“I think the SP Historical Museum is a very helpful reminder of the past for our residents.  While we know many of our homes are quite vintage, we sometimes forget just how different our community was when many were constructed,” said South Pasadena Mayor Diana Mahmud. “The historic artifacts in the Historical Museum help us to better imagine what life might have been like in our city so long ago.”

The museum’s renovation was first proposed in January 2016, and the project was developed throughout the course of the year. The completion of a new roof was finalized on September 16 and the repainting of the building was completed on November 7. As for the decision of the new colors, the intention of the paint job was to honor the building’s display during its historical period, in which it was white for over a span of 100 years. “Although some may have preferred the darker paint color previously applied to the Historical Museum, the lighter color is historically accurate according to a consultant that was engaged for the project,” added Mahmud. Its rehabilitation also included the construction of a much-needed new roof, and contributed immensely to the building’s finished look. With a new and improved look, the South Pasadena Still standing tall in its location on Meridian, the museum, now with a refurbished exterior, remains South Pasadena’s humble landmark and historical tribute to the city’s past.

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