Fire At Pavilions Grocery Store

A small grease fire causes evacuation of Pavilions grocery store in South Pasadena

PHOTOS: Henk Friezer

A small grease fire in a fryer in the service deli of Pavilions market on Fair Oaks caused the evacuation of shoppers and employees.

South-Pasadena-Review-09-06-2016-Pavailions-Grease-Fire-02 South Pasadena Review 09-06-2016 Pavilions Grease Fire

Units from South Pasadena and Pasadena fire departments responded and the situation was quickly resolved as employees milled around outside the store.

South Pasadena Review 09-06-2016 Pavilions Grease FireLocal students who stop at the store’s Starbucks on their way to school also waited for the stores reopening to get their coffee fix.

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