Former Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina Endorses Mike Antonovich for State Senate


(Pasadena, CA) – Former Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina has endorsed Supervisor Mike Antonovich for the State Senate. The news comes as Mike’s positive campaign moves towards the November 8th election.


“I have worked with and known Mike for over 25 years and, while we don’t share similar political views, he has been a tireless advocate for his constituents and the communities he represents,” said the former Supervisor Molina in her endorsement.


Like Mike, Gloria Molina grew up in Los Angeles and attended CSULA. She was elected to represent the county’s First District in 1991 after serving in the State Assembly. While disagreeing from time to time, Supervisors Antonovich and Molina quickly developed a mutual respect, becoming allies in moving the County forward on critical issues for the betterment of the region seeing cooperation as paramount to progress.


In her statement, Ms. Molina continued, “we often put our differences aside and focused on what is best for the county. I have no doubt he will bring that same commitment for problem solving to Sacramento, which badly needs it.”


A consummate public servant, Gloria Molina’s career began with as Deputy of Presidential Personnel for the Carter Administration and then Deputy Director for the Department of Health and Human Services office in San Francisco.


Upon returning to Los Angeles, Ms. Molina has also served on the Los Angeles City Council and the California State Assembly in addition to her time with the Board of Supervisors and then the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


In 2006 the Hispanic Business Magazine honored Gloria as the “Hispanic Business Woman of the Year”.


  1. Sounds like some one is termed out in 2018?? Remember BIG differences between Molina and Huizar was SR-710,,,But remember MA buried SR-710 under a paragraph in Measure M that they can’t use revenue from the Sales Tax….BUT nothing stops MTA regarding Revenue Bond Proceeds (supported by tax revenue). Who needs it – supporters – contractors, suppliers, and unions…and those they support – MA and GM…

  2. I’ll be voting for Anthony J Portantino – Democratic Candidate State Senate District 25 because he is opposing the extension of the 710 freeway which would destroy the neighborhoods of El Sereno, South Pasadena, Pasadena and bring 180,000 new daily (mostly truck) vehicle traffic to the 210 and surrounding freeways. A third of that traffic is estimated/expected to be deposited onto local Alhambra and pass through city streets due to TOLL avoidance (yes it is NOT really a “freeway”, but a tollway).

    Antonovich, on the other hand, is supporting the 710 cargo tollway which is why the 710 freeway supporter, Democrat Gloria Molina has taken the unusual step to endorse this Republican.

    Check out the NO 710 Voting Information page for a more thorough list of politicians helping to fight the 710 freeway before you vote this year.

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