Guard Yourself Against Scams where Suspects Say They are IRS Agents


The South Pasadena Police Department continues to see  scams where the suspects are posing as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents.

According to Richard Lee, a crime prevention officer with the department, suspects will call and tell the victim that they owe money for back taxes, and they need to pay it immediately by purchasing pre-paid debit cards.

“To make themselves believable, the suspects may also have the last four digits to the victim’s social security number,” he said. “ The suspects will be aggressive and threaten the victim with an arrest in an attempt to scare the victim to cooperate.

Lee says the telephone numbers  scammers have used are out of state area codes, usually “202,” “206,” or “516.”

Lee said the IRS will never call and demand payment with a pre-paid debit card. If you think you owe for back taxes, contact the IRS directly.

You can file a complaint online at the FTC ( and the treasury inspector general at (

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