Ham-ing it up

SPARC members sitting in the front row are Chris Cronin, Mathew Bristing and Adrian Pinedo. Standing in the back row are Conrad Besoche, Rick Besoche, Jason Chan, Stan Tehar (president of SPARC), Robert Jiminez and Bob Vander Wal. Below, a closer look at a couple of operators’ set-ups, and a general view of Field Day. Photos by Henk Friezer

Members of the South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) turned out at the Art Center’s Hillside campus last weekend – part of an annual Ham Radio Field Day throughout North America.

It was an “open house,” where hams got a chance to demonstrate the science and skills of amateur radio, as well as to shine a light on the community service hams routinely provide, particularly in times of emergency.

Around North America, an estimated 40,000 hams set up temporary transmitters for Field Day.

Besides SPARC, hams from the Pasadena Radio Club, the JPL Amateur Radio Club and the Cal Tech Amateur Radio Cub also took part.


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