Hundreds of Kids Take Part in ‘Walk or Bike to School’ Day


Hundreds of kids and young teens avoided vehicle transportation last Wednesday by taking part in the City of South Pasadena’s Walk or Bike to School Day.

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Youth commissioners and fire department officials from the city were stationed in front of Arroyo Vista, Marengo and Monterey Hills elementary schools, along with the local middle school, congratulating the students and their parents for making a safe journey to the campuses.

Upon arrival, the students received rulers and bicycle reflectors from the commissioners and firefighters. One hundred and fifty rulers were handed out at Arroyo Vista, Monterey Hills and the middle school and 250 more at Marengo. In addition, 50 bike reflectors were presented at each of the four schools.

During last week’s City Council meeting, the Youth Commission’s chair Katherine Conte, Vice Chair Luke Quezada and member Elissa Fong were presented a proclamation from South Pasadena Mayor Diana Mahmud. The proclamation urges students to walk, ride their bikes and make use of public transportation, noting: “Now less than 16 percent of all trips to and from school in California are by foot or bicycle, and with fewer kids on foot, there are more cars on the road, and parts driving their kids to school make up 20 to 25 percent of the morning commute.”

Walk or Bike to School Day is taking place across California, the nation and internationally while focusing on the benefits of walking or biking rather than driving to school, creating cleaner, safer and environmentally healthier school routes for children.

The City of South Pasadena Community Services Department is working with the Youth Commission to promote the benefits of walking or biking to school with friends.

Educators point out that moderate to vigorous physical activity, including walking and biking, positively affects academic performance and skill development.

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