Letter to the Editor: Losing a great S.P.H.S. Football Coach

"he brought them back to contention after many dormant seasons"


A letter to the editor | by Henk Friezer

It was with great trepidation  that  I  learned of the resignation of coach CB Richards from the Tiger football program.

After 2 successful seasons as mentor of  the  local high school’s football team, he brought them back to contention after many dormant seasons, Richards stepped down due to demands of the job and financial situations. Which is truly unfortunate  for the upcoming program,  we will not be able to tell what the future held in store in the coming years under this classy young man’s leadership.

I have  witnessed his handling of the leadership role he assumed over his young proteges. Not only did  he instill a pride in winning, I observed his interactions with those young men, he increased  morale and a sense of responsibility as well as true sportsmanship in the football players. Showing that winning is not everything, he spent endless hours at the stadium before and after practice mentoring these young men not only in sports, also giving them  guidance in everyday life.

I never observed him yelling or downgrading them as some predecessors had  done. He always calmly took them aside and instructed them what they were doing wrong and how to improve. I also saw that the kids respected him and  looked up to him as one of their own. They were actually having fun playing for him, and it showed( after all that is what the game is all about).

Losing him will not diminish football at SPHS but with definitely set it back  a few years. Just reading his resignation letter shows what a class guy he is, hopefully he will reconsider.

~Henk Friezer

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  1. Yes I’m sure many are greatly saddened by this news. We have to respect his needs and wishes and be grateful for all he gave the program. Hopefully he set a new standard that a new coach will follow.

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