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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PTA Motto is ‘Every Child, One Voice’

Our family, like so many others, settled in South Pasadena because of its stellar schools. We knew that buying a house in South Pasadena...

I Won’t Be a Stranger, Promise to Write

Don't act so surprised, South Pas. You saw the moving boxes and the pricey parade of workmen and the "For Sale" sign. You must have suspected something. ...No....

Secure Browsing: Two Things You Must Have

If you want to protect your computer from hackers, malware, phishing schemes, viruses and identity thieves, there are two things you absolutely need, The first...

How About a Game of Miniature Golf?

While working in my flower beds, I noticed a small hole. What is that? I wondered, praying it was not a snake hole. As...

There are Some Things You Can’t Un-see

I got new glasses recently, because all those hours of "The Love Boat" in the '70s are finally catching up to me. Some things...

A Little Hug Goes a Long Way for Support

What’s your favorite technique when your child is upset? Do you have a “go-to” response that you know has a good chance of helping...

It’s as Simple as Addition and Substraction

Let’s have some fun today and learn some math. We often make life more complicated than it is. Life sometimes is as simple as...

Parti Gras Numbers Reach All-Time High

As president of the South Pasadena Educational Foundation, I see so many examples of how our community comes together, time and time again, to...

The NFL in South Pasadena: It’s a Win-Win

Dear Commissioner Goodell: In just 35 days, your NFL season kicks off.  And, as you well know, for the 20th consecutive year, it will do...

Heart Health

  In order to perform work, the heart, like all other organs in the body, needs oxygen and nutrients. The heart has its own special...

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