Major Construction at S.P. Library


The South Pasadena Public Library was originally constructed in 1907 and since the has gone through major expansions, most recently in 1982. For many years the Library has experienced issues with stormwater drainage. These have occurred because of the topography of the Library Park, as well as the design of the building. Small improvements over the years have not completely addressed the drainage and flooding issues. In September 2015, significant flooding occurred which required the closure of the Library for several days. In December 2015, the City Council awarded a contract to Kabbara Engineering for design services for the project. The City has since contracted with Cerco Construction for the major work project which includes the replacement and upgrade of the sump pump stations,  construction of new curbs and rain gutters, installation of drain pipes, area drain inlets, curb drains,  and removal and restoration of existing landscape planting and irrigation system.

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