Making a Difference! A Giant Check for Schools

Local Educational Foundation Making a Difference for South Pas Campuses


Scott Moe liked the sound of it, a loud applause from school board members, administrative staff and the audience in attendance at last week’s Board of Education meeting.

The ovation came after Moe, representing the South Pasadena Education Foundation as the organization’s president, handed over a $732, 332 check to the local school district.

The huge amount was raised through fundraising efforts over the past year, much of which comes from one single event that takes long hours of planning – Parti Gras, arguably the best public outing in South Pasadena each year.

“One of the best parts of my jobs is getting to do this,” said a smiling Moe, “and that is to be able to come in with a giant check.”

He never fails to mention the fundraisers, which make it all possible. They don’t come without immense support from hardworking board members and residents who actively get behind the numerous events designed to boost funding for the organization.

“SPEF is really an extension of the community, and we’re just proud of the work you do,” Moe told the school board before making the formal check presentation. The district’s five schools receive enormous support from an organization that sees the fruits of its labor, knowing that South Pasadena Unified was recently ranked among the top five districts in the state.

Moe said it’s an honor to be a part something that makes a tremendous impact on the district, “but I’m involved in just a small fraction of those fundraising events and programs,” he stressed, noting that his board and staff do the bulk of the work.  “And how much the community is able to give every year is such a great, great thing.”

Next week the organization will begin calling on community members for support through its phone bank campaign, and  on October 28 their annual Tiger Tourney, a golf tournament, will be held at Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena. The Color Fest, where participants throw colorful corn starch in the district parking lot to celebrate spring, is another fun event.

Moe’s involvement as president of SPEF continues until July of next year when someone else will take over the helm. Until then, he says there’s much work to be done with a goal of bringing an even bigger check to the school district next year.

“I really do, I really do,” he said when suggested the volunteer position must be something he enjoys. “Our (administrative) office is amazing and they make my job very easy. And I have a very talented board. Hopefully my best role is to come in and encourage people to do their best work.”

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