Michael Carpenter Jr Finds Joy Through Teaching Music at Green Brooms

Teacher profile by Alisa Hayashida

Michael Carpenter Jr. currently teaching guitar, ukulele, bass, piano & banjo at Green Brooms Music Academy in South Pasadena

Michael Carpenter Jr. grew up just outside of Detroit, in St. Clair Shores, listening to the sounds of The Doors, The Beatles and Motown. Although his parents are not, let’s say musically gifted themselves, they always had music in the house and Michael picked up his first guitar at the age of nine. After teaching himself to play on an acoustic guitar, his parents made good on a promise to buy him an electric guitar afterwhich he picked up other instruments like ukulele, bass and banjo. After years of playing the ukulele like a guitar, he upped those specific skills about ten years ago upon realizing that he could treat it as it’s own instrument and by studying ukulele music and artists.

He has a degree in history and music composition from Wayne State University and it was after an intensive music exchange program in Spain that he realized he wanted to be a professional musician. He also learned a completely different way to teach and learn from his Spanish instructors.

Throughout college, he also taught and knew he wanted to teach, having come from a family of teachers. By his senior year, he had a full roster of students and began to realize that teaching music combined two of his greatest passions.

Being a music teacher who also plays professionally gives him artistic freedom with the students, explains Carpenter, “I don’t have to stick to a curriculum, I don’t have to stick to textbooks. In fact, I rarely teach out of a book. I teach the way I was taught, especially in Spain, where I’m going to teach you what I know and I’m going to adapt to what you’re giving me.”

Los Angeles was the next step to wider opportunity and a bigger playing field. He ended up eventually interviewing with Green Brooms co-owner, Manuel Lozano, who was extremely welcoming, and now teaches exclusively at both Green Brooms locations in South Pasadena and Santa Monica. Carpenter says “they keep me extremely busy and they do a very good job of putting the right clients with the right teachers. I’ve never had a student at Green Brooms that I’ve been mismatched with. I’m so impressed by that.” He goes on to sing the praises of South Pasadena exclaiming, “everybody is so nice, people remember your name, they hold the door for you. The manners around here are very refreshing. The collaboration I have with the parents of our students is awesome which helps the kids have the best opportunity to thrive in music.”

Green Brooms Music Academy is holding a special $20 music lesson week Monday, April 17th through Saturday, April 22nd with 100% of proceeds going to the South Pasadena Educational Foundation! Each lesson is a 30-minute private introductory class with one of their knowledgeable instructors. Introductory classes are normally $38, so if you or your child has been meaning to try voice lessons or learn to play a new instrument, it’s a great time to do so.

Green Brooms teaches young beginners to the most advanced of players, from kids as young as four through to adults. Instruments taught include: voice, piano, drums, ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, french horn, trombone, trumpet and songwriting. Space is limited, so call them today at 626.808.4031 to reserve your spot!

Michael currently plays with the band “Night Nail” and you can follow Michael’s music on Instagram at michaelcarpenterjr, Facebook at Michael Carpenter Jr. and “Night Nail” at nightnail.bandcamp.com as well as Facebook and Spotify.


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