Museum Flooded – Fire Department to the Rescue

South Pasadena Preservation Foundation Calls Fire Department to Help with Flooding

PHOTO: Larry McGrail | President S.P.P.F.

Due to grading issues, “Lake Mission Street” was created behind the museum by the downpour.

PHOTO: Larry McGrail | President S.P.P.F.

Early Sunday afternoon Museum Director Tom Field monitored the slowly building lake by the Gold Line. There was no path for the water to flow, except into the museum. The city was aware of the issue, and had placed numerous sandbags around the back door.

At 1:30 pm there was no water intrusion, but by 3:30 the water could not be contained by the sandbags, and entered the building. The South Pasadena Fire Department was called for assistance, and promptly responded with two trucks and crew. They created a channel for the water to flow to the street without going through the building, and removed the water inside the building. Monday morning workers from public works were on site remedying the situation.

We are thankful for everyone’s assistance as we remodel the interior.

Flood relief support donations will go toward the museum interior restoration project. Donate online at:

Reporting: Larry McGrail | President South Pasadena Preservation Foundation

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