New Holiday Banners on Mission St. and Fair Oaks Ave.


Take a look around town at the new holiday decorations!

The South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the City of South Pasadena are working together to refine and define the city’s image.”  Residents, business owners and other locals may “know” who we are, but the image in not apparent to visitors.

The first phase was to replace the holiday decorations were used for many years.  A subcommittee of business owners, residents and City staff looked at many decorating themes and options, and selected a cheery, wintery theme to “dress up” the business and retail district for the holidays.

A shimmery snowflake skyline welcomes northbound and southbound traffic on Fair Oaks Avenue at Grevelia and Oxley.  There are more snowflakes on some of the street light poles along Mission Street between Fair Oaks and Meridian.  These are balanced by the colorful, whimsical street pole banners that adorn light poles on Fair Oaks and Mission Street.

The street pole banners were designed by Good Citizen Media Group in South Pasadena under the direction of the subcommittee.  “The images are clever and very representative of winters in Southern California,” said South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce  President Laurie Wheeler. “The twists to the lyrics of well-known holiday songs will surely bring a smile to your face!”

Each street pole banner has been sponsored by a local business, organization or individual. Sponsorships help defray the cost of the production, installation and storage of the banners, noting Wheeler: “They should last several years.”

She added: “We’re hoping to help create an “experience” for shoppers. The holidays are very important to retailers of all sizes, and our businesses are no exception.  We want people to explore, shop, dine and enjoy the many unique boutiques, eateries, entertainment that define South Pasadena, and then tell their friends about their experience.”

The next phase of this campaign is to design banners to “celebrate the arts” in South Pasadena.  “Our goal is to make them just as eye-catching and uniquely South Pasadena as the holiday banners are”, said Wheeler.  A “shop local” theme is in the works.

To sponsor a banner, call (626) 441-2339.

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