Now Through October is Time for Residents to Trim Oak Trees


Residents are allowed to trim their Oak Trees now through October. In order to trim an oak or California native tree in South Pasadena, the resident must first complete and submit an application which can be picked up at City Hall, 1414 Mission Street, or downloaded from the City’s website. Before trimming is allowed, a City Inspector will examine the tree to evaluate how much can be trimmed while still keeping the tree healthy. Note that a similar process exists for the trimming of all trees in the City. The tree trimming inspection and permit fee is only $60. South Pasadena is proud to be a Tree City USA member for the past 17 years. Healthy trees are important to our city for a variety of reasons. Trees clean our air, provide oxygen, cool the streets, conserves energy, help prevent soil erosion and water pollution, and beautify our city.

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