Power When and Where you Need It


Power. In an emergency, it means keeping phones, tablets, computers, emergency lights and equipment operating. When the power goes out, you can be left out.  Unless, that is, you have a reliable emergency power supply.

The Powerpack 1300 from Duracell (http://www.duracellpower.com/) is just that – a reliable backup in the event that you are without power in a disaster, when off-the-grid, camping in the wilds or during a roadside emergency. Even at home, this stand-alone battery power source is powerful enough to run electronics, small appliances or power tools. With an inverter and two built-in AC outlets, two USB outlets, a DC outlet, air compressor, emergency light, auto jumper cables, the Powerpack 1300 is the Swiss Army knife of emergency power.

Packed inside is a sealed, 18-ampere-hour Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. AGM technology was developed in the 1980s for use in military aircraft where power, weight, safety, and reliability were of prime concern.

AGM is maintenance free, offers long service life and is lighter than lead acid type batteries. Additionally, they hold a charge up to five times longer and can deep cycle. NASCAR and other auto racing leagues choose AGM products because they are vibration resistant.

All this means a reliable source of power that will be ready when you need it, even if you have not used or charged the battery for months. A convenient charge level indicator lets you know the amount of charge the battery has at any given time. When it runs low you can recharge it from any household AC outlet. If it is an emergency and the power is out, you can top it off using a running car battery or with a solar charger (available via third party vendors).

The PowerPack’s two grounded AC outlets deliver up to 600 combined Watts of AC power to operate lights, phones, radios, TVs, computers, power tools, portable coolers or any small appliance. Two 2.1 Amp USB ports and a 12V DC outlet let you charge or supply power to your iPhone, tablet and all those electronic devices.

On a full charge, the PowerPack can run an AC appliance rated at 40 watts for approximately four hours, recharge a Tablet seven times or a typical Smartphone up to 20 times. If you do go over the power requirements or the battery runs low, internal protection circuitry kicks in to safeguard the inverter from overload or over-heating. A loud alarm signals during under-voltage situations.

The attached jumper cables, which provide 1,300 Peak Amps (280 cold cranking amps) of power, mean you will never have to worry about a dead car battery. The 160 PSI (pounds per Square Inch) air compressor with pressure gauge can pump up your tires or inflate an air mattress or sporting equipment.

All this power comes in a convenient package at a price under $200. Although somewhat heavy (22 pounds), the built-in handle makes it easy to move around and the rugged construction means it can take lots of abuse. Because of its size and weight, I did find it difficult to maneuver when trying to jump start a car. But, in an emergency this is minor compared to the power it delivers.

The PowerPack is not designed for long periods of sustained operation or to run all of your appliances. In an emergency, it provides enough power to run the essentials to get you through short periods before recharging. This is somewhat offset by its ability to be quickly recharged via AC or (at a slower rate) by a solar panel.

The Duracell PowerPack 1300 offers safe, silent operation, both indoors and outdoors whether you need it for the campsite, the work site, in the event of an earthquake or the next Zombie apocalypse.

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