Proposal for a Development Could Take Out Restaurant


A proposal for new mixed-use project at the corner of Mission Street and Fairview Avenue, is in the works, according to South Pasadena City Manager Sergio Gonzalez.

If the proposal goes through, Gonzalez said the residential project, featuring storefronts, would occupy the space currently held by Amy’s Playground, the La Fiesta Grande restaurant and a vacant building that once sold OroWeat and Entemann’s products.

“The owners of the site, the Cherng family, well known for their Panda Express restaurants and other business ventures, are talking about constructing residential and retail “It’s my understanding they are starting to do some public awareness and outreach to the community about the proposal so that when they officially move it forward it’s not a complete surprise.”

With the OroWeat property vacant for several years, Gonzalez said it’s “blight” and the new structure will help to fill space that is not being fully utilized.

Gonzalez said he’s unclear as to how many units will be constructed as part of the proposal. “We won’t know everything until the plans are officially brought to us,” he said. “It has to go through the public process, including the Planning Commission and Cultural Heritage Commission for approvals. At this point, I can’t comment on what’s being proposed because we don’t have an official application from the property owner.”

Gonzalez understands there has been “some informal dialogue between those representing the property owner and stakeholders in the community,” he said.

A sticky point in reaching an agreement might be the knowledge that Amy’s Playground, the actual building, is on the city’s historic registry. “That is something that needs to be incorporated in whatever is proposed,” Gonzalez explained. “It can not be demolished. It cannot be altered. So whatever project they move forward with has to incorporate that building.”

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