Public Safety Telecommunicators Week


The South Pasadena Police Department celebrated National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week from April 9-15. During the week dedicated dispatchers who are the lifeline of public safety, who dispatch emergency professionals and equipment to the citizens of the United States, were honored. Dispatchers were recognized for their hard work and   exemplary service as they are an integral part of service to the South Pasadena Police Department and the community . From South Pas, across the nation in times of intense personal crisis and community-wide disasters, the first access point for those seeking all classes of emergency services is 9-1-1. The local and county public safety communications centers that receive these calls have emerged as the first and single point of contact for persons seeking immediate relief during an emergency. Public safety dispatchers” (also known as emergency dispatchers, Telecommunicators or 9-1-1 dispatchers) receive calls from individuals who need assistance from police officers, firefighters and emergency medical services. Above are South Pasadena Police Department dispatchers, from left, including Sharae Rodriguez, Victoria Page and Catalina Valdez.

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