Purchase Your Street Sign and Support SPEF and SPARC Organizations

Photo by Henk Friezer

“Pathways to Art” is a joint project between the South Pasadena Arts Council and the South Pasadena Education Foundation to auction old street signs that are routinely being replaced by the city in support of the Arts in the community. The auction began on Monday, September 12, at www.spef4kids.org and will continue throughout the year. The City Council donated the street name signs to the non-profits, who will organize the sale to raise support for local arts programs, public art in the community, and enhanced arts education in the local public school system. A kickoff event was held on Sunday at the home of Vic and Gretchen Robinette on Indiana Avenue. For more information, contact SPARC at info@sopasartscouncil.org, SPEF at spef4kids.org or call (626) 441-5810.

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