S.P. City Clerk’s Office to Offer Passports and Photos

South Pasadena City Council members approved a new fee last week to allow city staff the ability to issue passports and photos.

Based on setting the passport/photo fee at $15, the annual general fund revenue is estimated to be $3,600. In addition, the U.S. Department of State authorizes passport acceptance facilities to collect passport execution fees of $25 per application, which city officials believe could bring another $6,000 to City Hall coffers.

“The new service will allow residents to book an appointment to process a passport application and get photos conveniently at City Hall,” explained South Pasadena City Manager Sergio Gonzalez.

“We’ve learned recently that our local post office is no longer offering passport services and the closest one is in Alhambra or San Marino by appointment only.” said Gonzalez,  “So this is an opportunity that city staff felt would be a good service for a residents without taking too many city resources to do it.”

The service will be provided now that the City Council approved the new fee. Gonzalez said it will begin toward the end of January 2017, and by appointment only.

Gonzalez said the City Clerk’s division which will administer the program at City Hall, recognizes that offering passport services will be a valuable service to residents and surrounding communities during normal business hours.  The City Clerk’s division will offer passport acceptance services, including on-site photos.

The City of South Pasadena discovered last September the local Post Office does not offer passport, the nearest being at the public libraries in Alhambra and San Marino.

The U.S. Department of State has established a standard Passport Execution fee of $25 per application. South Pasadena’s fee of $15 falls in line with area communities, including The City of San Marino ($15), Monrovia ($15), but higher than Monterey Park (($10) and Burbank ($12).

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