Seeking Stability in a World of Storms

A Lack of Cows in South Pasadena


We don’t have cows in South Pasadena, but there is a lesson we can learn from them.  I don’t know much about cows, but I’ve been told that to get maximum production from a cow, she needs to have a regular routine.  The more disruptions in a cow’s routine, the less milk she produces.

This concept applies to humans also.  Life needs to have a routine.  Most of it needs to be predictable.  Predictability and stability mixed with goals and adventures can lead to a great existence.

This theory especially applies to children.  If their life stays secure and follows a regular routine, they have a better chance of thriving.  Routine, habit, predictable, stable, and secure are all good conditions in the life of a child.  These are conditions that can maximize excellent results as a child develops.  Unfortunately, not all children have this opportunity.

Just as children badly need these conditions in their upbringing, so do adults.

In life, we are always in one of three positions: entering a storm, in a storm, or leaving a storm.  It is an unfortunate aspect of living life.  Our goal is to be prepared before the next storm hits.  Stability best equips us for the storms in our lives and minimizes their impact.

I believe that we all strive to have a stable existence.  If you wake up each day worried about whether you will have food to eat, losing your home, that your spouse may be having an affair, or that you might be fired when you get to work, you are living in a very insecure world.  Each minute of your life you are anxious about what awaits around the next corner.  You are living life minute to minute.

Stability is a healthy relationship with your creator and your spouse.  It is minimal issues with your children and extended family and with your employment.  It is the gift of health and an abundance of finances.  Regardless of social economic issues, it is a meaningful quality of life.

There are many benchmarks that can be used to measure stability.  Financial stability frees individuals from bondage.  Physical stability increases quality of life.  Marital stability allows individuals to spend more time helping others outside the marriage.  Spiritual stability allows a person be able to overcome failures by knowing how their story ends.

By living a stable existence in as many areas as possible, you are freed up to do great things for others.  Others includes family members, friends,  community members, and even causes on the other side of the world.

Your life in a stable mode allows you to give to others.  You can’t give someone something you don’t first have.  Your lack of stability requires you to use your time and energy on trying to get your life in order and it is hard to make a difference externally when all your time and resources are being used fighting internal issues.

It is easy to target stability and to say it is a goal on our radar screens.  It is another thing to have your life in order enough to accomplish this.

It is also possible to be stable in every area of your life except one and the lack of stability in that one area can cause you to be off balance in every other area.

My challenge to you today is to come as close to accomplishing a stable existence as you are able.  The less effort you have to spend on stability in your own world, the more you have available to make a difference in the lives of others.

Ask yourself the question “What is causing instability in my life?”  Answer it honestly.  Maybe there is nothing you can do about it.  If so, maybe you just need to learn how to accept it.  Or maybe there is something you can do to conquer or remove the energy or financial drain holding you down.

An eagle with a weight around its ankles will never fly as high as it was created to fly.

Assess and then act.  Your family, your friends, your fellow workers, and your community are all counting on you.

Just a thought…

Rick Kraft, a South Pasadena High School graduate, is a syndicated columnist, a motivational speaker, a published author, and an attorney.  To submit comments, contributions, or ideas, e-mail to

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