Set Your Clocks Ahead One Hour as Daylight Savings Time Starts


On Sunday, March 12, almost all of the United States, including South Pasadena, and 78 other countries, will set their clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Every year, DST starts on the second Sunday of March, when clocks will be set forward an hour at 2 a.m. DST ends on the first Sunday of November.

These days, most of the electronics we use as timekeepers — smart phones and watches, cable boxes and even some clocks — will automatically make the correction.

But don’t forget about your oven, microwave or car clock. Hawaii or Arizona, are the only two states that don’t observe the twice-a-year time shift.

And with the extended sunny evening also comes the semi-annual debate over whether the almost 100-year-old practice is outmoded.   Daylight saving dates back to 1918 after “war time” was established.

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