Snowstorm Hits South Pasadena Tuesday Night


The 1500 block of Mission Street was blanketed with snow Tuesday night as a winter scene gave way to a commercial for Toyota.  Vehicles were driven up and down the block late into the night as decorations and snow created the look of the holiday season. Production officials say the commercial will start airing nationwide in the next month.


  1. I love South Pasadena. Such a beautifully preserved and cared for place. No wonder everyone wants to film something here.
    I love that we have such a great local paper that covers local stories and keeps everyone informed!
    We have wonderful neighbors/friends in South Pasadena, LA, Highland Park, Pasadena, Glendale, La Canada/Flintridge and also San Marino and Alhambra recently who have all come together to help fight the expansion of the 710 freeway and protect the cities at risk in it’s path. The only thing good about the freeway is that it has brought together and connected so many of us to fight it who might never have met if it wasn’t for this issue. Even after the freeway is long dead we will remain close friends.
    To help kill this freeway we need to elect good representatives who will fight it. For voter info on the current candidates stances regarding the 710 freeway issue the website has a Voter Info page up that lists who is for and who is against the freeway. Please check it out before you vote:
    Thank you!

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