South Pas City Council Okays Contract to Improve Drainage

At Library and Senior Center

South Pasadena City Council members have approved a contract to commence work needed to address the drainage issues affecting the city’s public library and local Senior Center.

Council members authorized a contract close to $400,000 to mitigate flooding that has plagued the library and senior center a few years ago.

“The library has experienced ongoing issues with rainwater due to topography, where the senior center and library are located at the lowest points in library park,” explained City Manager Sergio Gonzalez. “Small improvements over the years by the City of South Pasadena maintenance staff have proven ineffective in addressing the drainage and flooding issues.”

Last September, following heavy rains, flooding occurred, forcing the library to close while workers installed new carpeting and replaced damaged furniture.

“We had extensive damage and had to file an insurance claim for the carpet and furniture to ensure that the library and Senior Center programming is not interrupted,” said Gonzalez.

Cerco Engineering was awarded the contract to improve the drainage problem at the Senior Center and library.


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