South Pasadena City Council Set to Name of New Dog Park

South Pasadena’s Dog Park is ready to receive an official name.
With the park under construction in Arroyo Park and only about a month away from completion, the South Pasadena City Council is looking for a catchy name for the place where dogs can roam freely. It could be selected this week.
The top three names for South Pasadena’s dog park that were recommended by the Parks and Recreation Commission were South Paws-adena Dog Park, The Dog Spot and Arroyo Seco Dog Park.
South Pasadena’s Community Services Department, along with Girl Scout Troop 11231, held a dog park-naming contest, with the public weighing in. The ranking of dog park names by most votes were: South Paw-adena Dog Park 8, Bark Park 5, The Dog Spot or The Spot 4, Arroyo Seco Dog Park 4, South Paws Park or Paws Park 4, Unleashed Dog Park 3, Central Bark 3, Paws Park 2, Paws and Play 2, Scentral Park 2, Bow Wow Park, and Barks and Recreation 2.
A total of 131 dog park names were received. City staff recommends that the Dog Park be named South Paws-adena Dog Park since it received the most votes.
Along with coming up with an official name for the place, the council will also be looking at rules and guidelines for the dog park. City staff, the Animal and the Parks and Recreation Commission evaluated dog park ordinances from other cities to assist in the creation of the city’s dog park rules.


  1. Awwww I love “paws-a-dena,” so cute. It’s so great that Pasadena has opened a new dog park — such a great part of community life. Central Bark is a fun name too. Guess I’m a sucker for puns.

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