South Pasadena Police Department Holds Annual Inspection

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | EDITOR: South Pasadena Review

The South Pasadena Police Department held its annual inspection on Monday. It is a time honored ceremony in law enforcement that formally acknowledges the professionalism, dedication and commitment of the local police department.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | EDITOR: South Pasadena Review
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | EDITOR: South Pasadena Review

The inspection took place in front of the police station on the 1400 block of Mission Street. As part of the event, SPPD Chief Art Miller inspected each officer’s uniform, making sure everything was in order, from hats to shiny shoes.

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | EDITOR: South Pasadena Review
PHOTO: Bill Glazier | EDITOR: South Pasadena Review

The Following Are Remarks by Police Chief Art Miller

Today is an important day for our Police Department and community. As we gather for our formal inspection it gives you, our department members an opportunity to formally acknowledge one another, to refocus and to recommit to our chosen profession. Every moment of every day we stand as servants to our community. Regardless of what request that comes to our attention we all must ensure that we provide the best service possible.

Anyone calling for service should have comfort that we did all that we could to provide outstanding customer service. We must balance the needs of the community with state, federal and municipal laws and regulations. The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of everything that we do. Within the last year and a half we have hired nine new officers, four cadets, one dispatcher. At the conclusion on 2015 our Part 1 crimes increased to 41 percent. Through September 2016 our city part 1 crime is down six percent. In what seems to be an outright slap in the face to communities throughout the state with the likes of Assembly Bill 109 and Prop 47 that puts felons back into our streets and communities.

We will soon be faced with another proposition that sets the path for early release of felons. Proposition 57 will once again allow felons to roam freely through our neighborhoods to victimize again. The challenges set before us are tough. We all remain resolute in our commitment to safeguard of city. Our uniform patrol officers are the most conspicuous representatives of the police department. Let us not forget that we are part a public safety team that must work together seamlessly. We are on track to answer 27,000 calls for service by year’s end. Nearly all those calls go through our dispatch center; all officer-initiated activities are routed through dispatch. In total 62,000 calls were dispatched so far this year.

Our dispatchers are the link to public and officer safety. Our professional records section staff play integral part in the cycle of public safety. Without them the wheels of justice can come to a halt. Our detective bureau ensures that every case is thoroughly vetted so that a proper disposition is made. Our professional staff ensures that we are current on training and ensure proper equipment is purchased all in the name of officer safety, employee welfare and compliance with POST regulatory requirements.

The silent, behind the scenes staff we have on board do their job without complaint. I am speaking of our police cadets. Without them it would be very difficult for our department to operate. They assist in so many ways, not only with our department. They assist the library, public works, community service and the community. Our cadets are versatile and ready to take on any challenge or assignment.

Our Department is a can-do department. Together we solve problems, together we overcome challenges. When we must work as an individual we know that “One Represents All” We have come along way in the last three years. Each of us has been part a transformation that makes our department great. Our responsibility now is to carve out our future and to set a milestone of where we want to be in the future.

We are supported a community that cares for us, a council and city manger that supports us and our own relentless desire to do what is right. As your chief I am proud of each of you. Thanks you for what you do and how you do it.

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