South Pasadena Resident Bringing Comfort to Cancer Patients This Holiday Season


Her name is Silvia Fuentes and she is the co-founder of Craft’d With Love, an organization making a difference in the lives of cancer patients this holiday season. Fuentes has lived in South Pasadena her whole life and attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Craft’d With Love was born as a way for she and her sister to honor their mother’s memory and share with the world her generous and caring nature.

Fuentes explains “losing a loved one to cancer is devastating, but at the same time it’s an eye opening experience as to what’s important in life. As we went through our journey, the biggest acts of kindness came from random strangers and that inspired us to take action.”

On the surface, the mission is simple; they hand-knit scarves and donate them to cancer patients to help them stay warm, but on an emotional level, Fuentes says it is more complex than that. “We witnessed, first hand, how a kind gesture can do wonders for the human spirit and help keep hope alive in the most dire of situations. Each scarf we deliver is meant to provide a sense of encouragement, love and comfort that comes with knowing that someone is thinking of you and wishing you the best.”

Since the project began three years ago, over 400 scarves have been donated to organizations like St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Pasadena Cancer Support Community, The Foundation for Living Beauty, The Beauty Bus Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. These partners help distribute the scarves to patients in need of a little boost of motivation.

For more information about Craft’d With Love and ways you can help, visit, and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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