SPEX Awards Presented to Outstanding SPHS Students


Recognizing achievement, South Pasadena High School held its annual SPEX Assembly last Friday. SPEX, which stands for “Spotlight On Excellence,” is a South Pasadena School District based award and longtime tradition.

Recipients of the SPEX award received a certificate as well as an original t-shirt whose design will only be used for that year and that year only.

Award recipients were honored in the school’s auditorium the SPHS Associative Student Body, better known ASB. Upon arrival, students were welcomed by the high school’s jazz band. Following the band’s lively performance and the students had taken their seats, the lights dimmed and the assembly began. This year, ASB, wearing animal onesies, presented under the theme of a nighttime child-like story, reading aloud from “The Big Book of SPEX.”

ASB immediately began to introduce the recipients of various awards the first being the Heart of Gold Award, which honors students who raised their GPA by at least half a point. They also recognized those with the most community service hours per grade. One senior had racked up more than 2,000 hours. The names of these recipients were shown on a large projector screen, enabling students to observe their peer’s accomplishments. All this was done under the voices of student performers. In this case, a rendition of pop star, Rihanna’s “Stay,” was sung.

Students who received a +3.5 or a 4.0 GPA’s were then recognized. The names were shown under a student singing the late David Bowie’s Life on Mars. Performances are usually given to keep students entertained, and provide a stage for those wising to perform.

Other awards presented include perfect attendance (for seniors) and the Senior Award, handpicked by SPHS Principal Janet Anderson, given to a select number of students who she believes were instrumental in high school activities, or had a highly positive influence on the school.

Other awards were given out to students with great influence in other classes, including band or virtual business.

ASB members continued to guide the assembly, reading from “The Big Book of SPEX” to introduce presenters or performances. Spirits were high for many when the South Pasadena High Pep Squad took the stage for a lively performance.

Near the end of the assembly, ASB announced the SPHS prom location – The California Science Center in Los Angeles.



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