Table Set for School Openings Next Week in South Pasadena


A summer of relaxation for many teachers is nearly over, about 20 new employees have been hired and classroom doors to South Pasadena Unified School District’s five schools are about to open.

It’s countdown time as instruction for the 2016-17 school year begins for students heading off to Arroyo Vista, Monterey Hills and Marengo elementary schools, South Pasadena Middle School and South Pasadena High School on Thursday, August 18.

On the business side, books have been closed on the last school year, with new staff members and budgets in place at each of the schools. On the maintenance side, custodial crews have worked over the summer months on a variety of projects while preparing each campus for next week’s opening. “The custodial staff has been busy deep cleaning all the rooms, office spaces and buildings like the auditoriums,” said South Pasadena Unified School District Superintendent Geoff Yantz. “There’s a lot of work that the public never sees over the summer months.”

Teachers are busy getting their classrooms ready for the first day of instruction, administrators are off on retreats and have taken part in required trainings and workshops. “It’s a very busy, busy time,” noted the superintendent. “Teachers, administrators and custodians are doing a lot to make sure everything is ready for the first day.”

One major task took place last week the school district held its annual residency verification where all returning families are required to show documented proof they reside in South Pasadena. “It’s one measure we take to ensure that those who are attending our schools live here,” explained Yantz. “That effort takes a considerable amount of time and energy. It’s important to have those controls in place. Otherwise, enrollment can become unpredictable and increase significantly, and have a negative impact. Our staff does a great job of monitoring by putting a system in place to verify residences for everyone coming into our district.”

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