They’re Taking ‘Pawsitive’ Actions at Middle School


More than 31 students received Pawsitive Awards this month at South Pasadena Middle School for showing significant improvement, leadership skills and/or assisting in special school projects on campus. Honored in January were Brynn Buckley, Daniel Dong, Noah Foster, Paul Gabor, Gianna Garcia, Sivan Gilbert, Chloe Guitierrez, Zora Hinrichs, Junhyoung Kim, Allison Kim, Dong Lee Kim, Veronica Kontsky, Cole Larson, Christine Lee, Elaine Lee, Mia Leeson, Tyler Mallet, Ellie Mendel, Kyle Mooc, Saki Nakamura, Callie Pestana, Zack Quezada, Kim Ramirez, Sawyer Sharp, Alyssa Sokolow, Lulu Talesnick, Maya Turun, Isabelle Whetsel, Lily Wildman, Jesslie Xie and Brian Zepeda.

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