Tigers Go Down to Defeat Again, 29-14

Photo by Henk Friezer

The South Pasadena Tigers varsity football team took one more step backward, losing to the Alhambra Moors, 29-14, in a non-conference home game in front of about 200 fans.

This brings the Tigers preseason record to 2-3 as they head into Eagle Rock next Friday.

“I think this game was competitive to a certain extent,” said Greg Luna, So Pas athletic director. “I think the teams were evenly matched. Lots of mistakes on both parts. We made a lot more mistakes than they did, and it shows, but we scored almost entirely on defense.”

Head Coach Jeff Chi agreed, saying his team has got to focus more on the fundamentals.

“I thought we did a good job competing with these guys the first half and even the second half, to be honest with you,” Chi said after the game. “But when we make mistakes, like turning the ball over or not tackling on defense and missing assignments, you know, we can’t win ball games against better teams than us.”

Photo by Henk Friezer

The Tigers lost starting quarterback Sam Luna-Long again to a left shoulder injury this time after he was sacked during the first offensive series of the second half. Luna-Long was replaced by third string quarterback Jaden Gallego, which forced the Tigers into a run offense that was ineffective. Luna-Long is expected to play next week against Eagle Rock.

Read more about the game with coaches interviews and statistics in The Review.


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