Tournament of Roses Officials Inspect City of South Pasadena’s Float

Far left is Robert Nichols, a member of the South Pasadena float construction crew, and on right is Paul Abbey, the SPTOR construction chair. Photo by Bill Glazier

Ensuring it will successfully roll down Colorado Boulevard for the 2017 Rose Parade, officials from the Tournament of Roses gave the City of South Pasadena’s float a mechanical inspection last Saturday morning. The inspection included a careful look at the entire engine, including hoses, hydraulic, exhaust, pressure and electrical systems. TOR officials, above wearing white overalls, will return in the future for two additional inspections, including a test run on Fair Oaks Avenue, on future dates before the January 2 parade. January 1, the traditional date for the parade, falls on a Sunday, and the Tournament has a rule of never scheduling a parade on that day.

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